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Stainless steel design
that suits you
Create good quality products
to meet every application of every customer

HLT Stainless

HLT Stainless Steel

Bangbon furniture store

HLT Stainless, Rama 2 furniture store Be a leader in stainless products (Rama 2 Stainless Steel Shop) with a long history of DesignUnique Design by a team of experts

Receive products according to the design

Receive stainless steel work according to the design Stainless steel alloy, kitchen utensils, fences, doors, handrails, handrails, barriers, balustrades, other structures, including factories, companies, houses, temples, municipalities, SAOs, government offices, etc.


Tables, chairs, kitchen utensils, clothes rails, sand discs, grinding discs, unit wheels, shelves, cabinets, drawers, furniture


wooden folding table

60*120*75 cm


Hanging rail with shelves

36*60*170 cm


small clothes rack

20*40*81 cm


Stainless steel pipe products

Polished stainless steel pipe is a pipe that has been standardized.
from the production of strength and durability, anti-rust,
Difficult weathering, high temperature resistance,
easy to clean for construction
decorative works

Channels for ordering and asking for more information

Call Center


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