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Product size

Approximate size W*W*H
Table size 101.5*101.5*88.5 cm
Chair size 29*29*55.5 cm


steel, nylon

more details

table chair set for eating and doing various activities


1. Because the price of stainless steel changes every day. Therefore, we are unable to price some items. But you can ask me anytime.
2. This price is online only.
3. Product prices do not include VAT.
4. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.
5. The product does not have a warranty for use. But there is insurance during delivery, in case it is damaged, only take VDO when unpacking the product from the box or package. (in case of online shopping)

camping chair folding chair

steel and nylon

ready to sell

Price ......  baht

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