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Custom work

Cut, Fold, Roll and Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine

Receive stainless steel work according to the design stainless steel alloy kitchen counter hood Kitchen utensils, company signs, fences, doors, railings, handrails, barriers, balustrades Including all kinds of furniture structures and more including houses, restaurants, factories, companies, houses, temples, municipalities Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Provincial Administrative Organization, other government offices

Get a job according to the pattern

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HLT Stainless is a leader in stainless steel products with a long history of design.
unique design by a team of experts

kitchen counter
hood kitchen appliances

custom work
Other furniture, shelves

house fence

balustrade door window

shop sign
company sign

custom work
factory industry

Rama 2 furniture store Rama 2 Stainless Steel Shop Bang Bon furniture store

examples of work

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