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stainless pipe box

stainless steel box tube, stainless steel box flat tube

Length 6 meters, thickness and diameter vary.
Made from high quality SS 304 stainless steel grade A+

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Polished grade 304 stainless steel pipe is a pipe that has been standardized from the production of strength, durability, anti-rust, difficult to corrode, resistant to high temperatures, easy to clean. for various decorative works Especially in areas where it rains often and is humid, along the waterfront, by the sea or where there is a risk of rust, the project therefore chooses to use stainless steel pipes instead, suitable for making handrails, handrails, fences, wheelchairs, Door, balcony, awning,  kitchenware, hardware, automotive, car pipe, stainless steel furniture and building decoration Including the building structure

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